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1949 Boeing YL-15 Scout // Airventure Grand Champion // N4770C

Auction Start: May 22, 2024
Auction End: May 29, 2024 12:00 pm

YL-15 Scout Details




YL-15 Scout



Auction Start Date:
May 22, 2024
Auction Start Date:


Serial No:








Location: Inquire
Description: The only airworthy of 12 built Boeing YL-15 “Scout”. A true show-stopper and living museum piece. This Scout won the Golden Wrench at Oshkosh in 2017, the Grand Champion at Oshkosh for Post WWII Warbirds in 2017 and won returning Grand Champion Post WWII in 2018, 2019 and 2021. The attention to detail in this restoration is unparalleled. If you love attention on the ramp, American history, and warbirds this is your bird. This Airframe has been a part of the current owner's family for 70 years. He passengered as a child with his father, and after his father's passing, he restored it as he wanted to pilot this unique and beautiful bird. 13 years after the restoration was initiated it was complete, a true labor of love, this award-winning bird is now ready for a new home. Aircraft is sold with a spare wrecked airframe, 40’ trailer of Boeing parts, and Restricted Type Certificate #16 Research and register today.
Airframe Details
  • Rarest STOL aircraft on the planet
  • 2017 Golden Wrench
  • 2017 Post WWII Warbird Grand Champion
  • Museum-quality piece of living history
  • 18 MPH stall /  101 MPH cruise
  • Spare Wrecked Airframe and 40’ trailer of spare Boeing parts
  • Extensive documentation of 13-year restoration process

1949 Boeing YL-15 “Scout”

S/N 47-432

Time Since Complete Restoration 85

Fuel Capacity 2x 10.5 +  25 gal aux

Stall Speed: 18 MPH
Cruise Speed: 101 MPH 

Redline 200 mph
Lift-off Distance: 187’

(See additional performance specs in logbooks)

Engine Details

Lycoming O-290-7 (SN L-008-859-6)


ETT 279.7

Propeller Details

McCauley 1A17\L8043 Fixed Pitch (SN 50619)

TT  685.9

TTSO 85 hrs

Avionics Details

Artificial Horizon


Fuel Gauge x2

Volt Meter

Oil Temp

Oil Pressure


Air Speed

Vertical Speed

Turn Coordinator

Amp Meter

Hobbs Meter


King Radio? KX196

Transponder Panel Sandia 365

Intercom PS Engineering PM501

Additional Features

Relief Tube

Flare Tube

Period Original First Aid Kit

Spare wrecked Airframe

40’ Semi-trailer full of parts for maintenance

Buyer responsible for trailer storage and hangar rental at the time of transaction completion

10/10 Factory Anodize Exterior primed PPG Epoxy Top Coat Silver Float Lacquer Stencils/stars/bars/numbers painted and period correct All screws indexed
10/10 Interior skins and frames - zinc chromated period correct yellow or green Seat cushion and forehead pad, control gust lock bag - NOS military green canvas period-correct details
Auction Details
Contact Phone: 254-735-5030
Contact Email:
Registration Number: N4770C
Make: Boeing
Model: YL-15 Scout
Required Deposit: $5,000
Buyers Premium: 4%
Start Date: May 22, 2024
End Date: May 29, 2024 12:00 pm
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The Boeing YL-15 Scout: A Legacy of Aviation Excellence

The Boeing YL-15 Scout stands as a pinnacle of aviation heritage, embodying the innovative spirit of post-World War II aircraft design. With only 12 units ever built, its rarity is unmatched, especially considering that only one, the N4770C, has been restored to its original condition with period-correct details. This aircraft is not merely a post WWII warbird prototype it is a piece of living american history. The level of detail that the owner Keith Brunquist explored in this restoration is unmatched.

Historical Significance and Design

Developed in the late 1940s, the Boeing YL-15 was engineered in response to the U.S. Army’s need for a small, versatile liaison and observation aircraft. Its design was a departure from the conventional, with features like an unusually long wingspan of 40 feet, large flaperons, and a unique fuselage that allowed for exceptional visibility and short takeoff and landing capabilities. This design was geared towards maximizing the aircraft’s efficiency in liaison roles, showcasing Boeing’s commitment to innovation and functionality.

The Journey of N4770C

The YL-15 Scout with registration number N4770C, manufactured in 1949, encapsulates a rich history. After its stint with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Alaska, it found a home with Norm Brunquist, eventually passing down to his son, Keith, who undertook a passionate 13-year restoration project. This aircraft, therefore, is more than just a machine; it represents a familial legacy, intertwining personal memories with aviation history. Today, Keith has fulfilled his mission, bring his fathers prized bird back to its original glory and flown it himself. He is ready to pass the torch so a new owner can carry on the legacy and encourage others to enjoy the rich heritage around American warbirds and the heated competition it takes to win a the race to a contract to sell to the US military.

Restoration and Recognition

The meticulous restoration of the YL-15 Scout culminated in its celebrated unveiling at the Oshkosh AirVenture, where Keith was awarded the coveted Golden Wrench award in 207, the aircraft was was heralded as the Grand Champion for Post WWII Warbirds in 2017, 2019 and 2021 multiple years. This aircraft is a unique shape, it truly stands out, even when it was placed in Boeing Plaza at Airventure. These accolades underscore the aircraft’s exceptional condition and the dedication invested in its revival.

The restoration of this aircraft has been carefully documented by the owner. Images of ever step, digitized blueprints and full military logbooks are available on the AirSpace Auctions auction listing.

Technical Specifications and Performance

The YL-15 Scout, particularly the N4770C, boasts impressive specifications: a Lycoming O-290-7 engine, a cruise speed of 101 MPH, and a stall speed of just 18 MPH, demonstrating its superior design for STOL capabilities. Its meticulous restoration is reflected in every detail, from the factory anodized exterior to the period-correct interior, ensuring that every aspect is authentic and true to its original era.

Auction and Acquisition

As this iconic aircraft approaches the auction block on May 22, 2024, it presents a unique opportunity for collectors and aviation enthusiasts to own a piece of history. The sale includes not only the airworthy YL-15 Scout but also a treasure trove of spare parts and extensive documentation of its restoration journey, providing an unparalleled insight into its storied past.

Closing Thoughts on the YL-15 Scout

The Boeing YL-15 Scout, particularly the N4770C, is not just an aircraft; it’s a symbol of aviation history, a testament to the love and labor invested in preserving the legacy of flight. Its upcoming auction offers a rare chance to steward a piece of this legacy, ensuring that the Scout’s story continues to inspire future generations of aviators and historians alike.

In summary, the Boeing YL-15 Scout represents a unique chapter in the annals of aviation history, characterized by its innovative design, storied heritage, and the meticulous care it has received over the decades. As it prepares to find a new home, its legacy as a museum-quality piece of living history remains undiminished, a testament to the enduring allure and significance of rare warbirds in the aviation community.

This rare bird and equally unique owner have been profiled many times over the years, the most recent being in the streaming show In Plane View on the streaming network Aeroverse. You can watch this episode for free for a limited time at

Whether you intend to bid or just love aviation, history and want to geek out on a massive portfolio of the information that contributes to this gem of living history, you can have access to the in-depth information on this aircraft at at no cost on Airspaceauctions

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