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1959 Dornier DO27 // Flown By Neil Armstrong // D-EDFL

Auction Start: May 29, 2024
Auction End: June 5, 2024 12:00 pm

DO 27 B-3 Details




DO 27 B-3



Auction Start Date:
May 29, 2024
Auction Start Date:


Serial No:








Location: Inquire
Description: This Dornier 27 with a documented history of service in POST WWII and Neil Armstrong piloting, is coming up for auction starting May 29, 2024. Hangar kept, and impeccably maintained above German and EU requirements has no incident history and comes with an extensive library of historical documentation and extra parts for repair and maintenance. Used for flight research, see documentation and history in online documents.
Airframe Details
  • Fresh Annual
  • Impeccably maintained
  • Extra bench seat for sky diving ops Both Seat benches can be installed or removed individually. For skydiving ops,, you would remove both benches.
  • Extensive documentation of historical ties to Neil Armstrong
  • Includes military logbooks
  • Ceramic coating, recent polish
  • STOL Capable
  • 1322 Payload

Dornier GMBH DO 27 B-3

S/N 392

TT 3680

600KG/1322lb payload

Engine Details

Lycoming GO-480-B1A6 SN B-305
1023 SMOH

TBO 1400

Overhaul 1988

One Cylinder replaced 2021

Propeller Details

HC-82V SN C-375
212 SMOH

TBO 1500

5 year LTA inspection completed in 2022

Avionics Details

Fligthcom 406 –place intercom

Garmin VHF-Nav/GS GNC 255A (2A8020451)
Garmin Mode S Transponder GTX330 (84170348)
ACK Encoder A-30

Bendix King KG-102A Directional Gyro with slaving unit (KCS55A Compass System)

Bendix King KI-525A HSI

Bendix King RMI KI-229 (ADF receiver currently not installed, wiring exists for Becker AD 2070)

Kannad ELT 405AF (284927)


Suction Gauge

Vertical Speed Indicator

Air Speed Indicator


Artifical Horizon

ILS (G/P currently U/S, probably due to antenna)

Turn Coordinator



Oil Pressure

Oil Temperature

Cylinder Head Temp

Fuel Pressure

Volt Meter

Additional Features
  • additional bench seat for 6 seat operation
  • Dual controls, pilot only brakes
  • Pilot side camera hole photo window on both sides, front and rear seats. Big camera hole facing downwards in the back
  • Rear door can open during flight for aerial photography or skydiving
  • Smoker!
  • USB Ports (2)
  • Additional parts are available for purchase separately
  • Can be containerized for transcontinental transport
White with blue and red stripes, red spinner, tail, and wingtips. Ceramic coated, recently polished, 9/10. Original DLR paint scheme (German Aerospace Research Institute, comparable to NASA). Neil Armstrong's signature decal denoting the historically documented ties to the first man on the moon Tail number on under side of wings Black painted belly
Grey powder-coated metal, blue fabric seats, a mix of classic and modern instruments
Auction Details
Contact Phone: 254-735-5030
Contact Email:
Registration Number: D-EDFL
Make: Dornier
Model: DO 27 B-3
Required Deposit: $3000
Buyers Premium: 6%
Start Date: May 29, 2024
End Date: June 5, 2024 12:00 pm
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The Prudent Acquisition of Warbirds: Unveiling the Dornier DO-27 B-3

Auction Excellence: The Best Way to Acquire a Warbird

Purchasing a warbird at auction, such as the iconic Dornier DO-27 B-3, is an exceptional way to acquire a piece of aviation history with transparent documentation and maintenance records. This method not only ensures that you get a comprehensive view of the aircraft’s past but also secures a valuable asset that can retain or appreciate in value over time. The Dornier DO-27 B-3, registration D-EDFL, set to be auctioned from May 29 to June 5, 2024, is a prime example of such a prized possession.

Historic Significance and Impeccable Maintenance

This particular aircraft, manufactured in 1959, is not just any warbird; it was piloted by the legendary astronaut Neil Armstrong and has been kept in a hangar and meticulously maintained to exceed German and EU standards. Its impeccable condition is evidenced by its lack of any incident history and the availability of extensive historical documentation and extra parts for repair and maintenance. With a fresh annual check and a recent polish, this aircraft shines both literally and metaphorically.

Technical Specifications and Performance

The Dornier DO-27 B-3 is a six-seater, embodying the perfect blend of historical significance and functional prowess. Its airframe, with a total time of 3680 hours, and a payload capacity of 600kg or 1322lb, showcases its robustness and versatility. The aircraft is powered by a Lycoming GO-480-B1A6 engine, with 1023 hours since major overhaul (SMOH) and a time between overhauls (TBO) of 1400 hours. The engine’s reliability is further assured by the replacement of one cylinder in 2021. The propeller, a HC-82V model, also boasts 212 SMOH and is well within its operational life, with a TBO of 1500 hours and a 5-year Limited Time Allowed (LTA) inspection completed in 2022.

Aviation enthusiasts will appreciate the Dornier’s avionics suite, which includes a Flightcom 4-place intercom, dual Garmin VHF-Nav/GS GNC 255A, a Garmin Mode S Transponder GTX330, and a suite of navigation and communication systems from Bendix King, among others. The aircraft’s capability for various missions is enhanced by its dual controls, large camera holes for aerial photography, and the ability to open the rear door during flight for skydiving operations.

Exterior and Interior Aesthetics

The exterior of the Dornier DO-27 B-3 is just as impressive as its internals, featuring a white paint scheme with blue and red stripes, a red spinner, tail, and wingtips, all coated in ceramic for longevity and recently polished to a near-perfect finish. It proudly wears the original DLR paint scheme, akin to NASA’s, with a tail number visible on the underside of its wings. The interior complements this with grey powder-coated metal and blue fabric seats, striking a balance between classic and modern aesthetics

Additional Features and Auction Details

Potential buyers should note the aircraft’s additional features such as the bench seat for six-passenger operation, photographic windows suitable for various missions, and the inclusion of USB ports for modern convenience. The sale also offers the option to purchase additional parts and the capability for containerized transcontinental transport.

As we approach the auction date, interested parties are encouraged to contact the provided phone number and email to learn more about this remarkable aircraft. With a required deposit of $3,000 and a buyer’s premium of 6%, the acquisition of this Dornier DO-27 B-3 represents not just a transaction, but an investment in a piece of aviation legacy. This warbird, with its well-documented history and sustained market value, offers an unparalleled opportunity to own a durable and economically viable piece of aviation history, perfect for enthusiasts of single-engine piston aircraft, post-WWII warbirds, and those interested in parachute, jump, or aerial photography compatible planes.