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Commenting Rules

Why was my comment flagged as non-constructive?

Any comment that violates the rules below can be marked as “non-constructive” by the AirSpace Auctions community. A flagged comment is reviewed by AirSpace Auctions staff, who make the final decision on whether it is reinstated or not. Some call that censorship, but to them we say: go read the comments on today’s three most popular YouTube videos. We want the conversation on this site to remain relevant and high-quality, which can be accomplished by everyone following the basic guidelines below.

Seven easy rules for commenting on AirSpace Auctions:

Rule 1. Be constructive instead of negative.

Anyone can call an aircraft ugly or stupid, but it’s harder—and more valuable—to say how you might improve it. Real value is added when you can politely specify what is wrong and what it might take to fix it.

Rule 2. Experience trumps volume and repetition.

Other readers care a lot more about your opinion if it’s born from relevant experience. If you know the history of a particular aircraft or a lot about the particular make or model, your comments are more likely to be interesting. Try to speak from your areas of expertise, and let people know what kind of time you have logged with the aircraft in question.

Rule 3. Talk about the aircraft, not each other.

Everyone at AirSpace Auctions is entitled to an opinion, even if you don’t agree with it. Criticism of the character, taste, or general nature of other members is a no-no. Period.

Rule 4. The market sets the price.

An aircraft will often sell for a price that is higher than what other community members think is warranted. We operate in a free market, though, where the seller and buyer determine the price. With that in mind, saying something is too expensive or too cheap isn’t really saying anything at all. An item is worth what an interested buyer is willing to pay for it.

Rule 5. If you haven’t read all the previous comments, you’re not ready to leave one of your own.

This is the digital equivalent of listening before speaking.

Rule 6. No buying, selling, or contact information is allowed in the comments section.

Please avoid thread hijacking, and keep the focus on the auction at hand. If you have an aircraft to sell, please submit it to us via the submission form. Want-to-buys, email addresses, and phone numbers posted to the comments will be removed.

Rule 7. Everyone is welcome.

The people who make up the AirSpace Auctions community are as diverse as the aircraft and other items that we list. All of our members deserve to feel like they are welcome to participate. Political, misogynistic, homophobic, or racially insensitive comments are not allowed.

Comment functionality

Editing comments

A comment can be edited by its original writer for five minutes after being posted—look for the red “Edit” link. After five minutes, the comment is made permanent to maintain the integrity of the conversation. If you make typos, fix them fast!

First-time commenters

All first-time comments are moderated, and will not be published on the site until reviewed by AirSpace Auctions staff. This is to prevent spam, flames, bots, and phony commenters.


Comments containing two or more hyperlinks must await manual moderation; this is an industry-standard defense against spam.

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