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2008 American Champion 7EC Champ // N198AC // “The Worlds Nicest Champ”

7EC Champ Details


American Champion


7EC Champ



Auction Start Date:
Auction Start Date:
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Light Sport



Location: Rising Star, Texas
Description: Like new, 10 of 10 condition. Exquisite attention to detail in paint, avionics and care. A gentleman's golden hour adventure machine. The newest Champ on the market. Be the center of attention on any ramp or fly in. • Glistening paint that shows like new. • Well equipped panel and beautiful interior. • Tandem seating with dual controls • Ready for any back country excursion with bushwheels and suspension tail wheel.
Airframe Details

580 TT 7EC Champ 

S/N 1028-2008

Engine Details

Continental O200A

580 SNEW

S/N 256529

100 HP

All compressions in the 70s and 80s

Sure Fly Electronic magnetos 

See the photos for the meticulous detail and cleanliness of engine

Propeller Details


580 SNEW

Model W69 EK-48

S/N AH 4783

Wood prop finished in gloss black with red tips.

Avionics Details

Garmin Area 500 GPS

Auvonix ADSB in

Auvonix Skybeacon ADSB out

EC 200 ELT

PS Electronics PM 3000 audio panel

Garmin SL 40 radio

Garmin GTX 327 transponder

Electronics International digital volt meter

Electronics International Fuel Flow and totalizer

Electronics International Oil temp and pressure 

Steam gauge horizon, airspeed, altitude, RPM, and clock

Ram mount and Ipad mini

Additional Features

31 inch Alaskan Bushwheels

T7 Alaska Airframes suspension tailwheel

VG on wing and tail surface

Sure Fly Electronic magnetos 

LED landing light

12 volt panel power

Immaculate paint finish in red and block gloss with gold accents around N #
Grey and black interior with red Champ logo embossed on seats. Floors are stained wood.
Auction Details
Contact Phone: 254-735-5030
Contact Email:
Registration Number: N198AC
Make: American Champion
Model: 7EC Champ
Required Deposit: $5,000
Buyers Premium: 6%
Start Date:
End Date:
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The American Champion 7EC Champ: A Timeless Adventure Machine for Sale

Step into the cockpit and let your imagination soar as we explore the remarkable features and history of the 2008 American Champion 7EC Champ. This light sport aircraft is not just an airplane for sale; it’s an invitation to embark on thrilling aviation adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned pilot or an aspiring aviator, the Champ EC7 offers a perfect blend of vintage charm and modern capabilities. In this blog post, we will take you on a journey through time, introducing you to the rich history of the Champ aircraft, providing detailed specifications, and painting a romanticized picture of cruising through the skies during the enchanting golden hour. Get ready to be captivated by this exquisite flying machine!

Champ History

History of the Champ Aircraft: The Champ aircraft has an illustrious history that traces back to the 1940s when it was originally manufactured by Champion Aircraft Corporation. Designed as a light aircraft for civilian use, the Champ quickly gained popularity among pilots due to its robust construction, exceptional handling, and superb visibility. In 1988, American Champion Aircraft Corporation acquired the rights to the design, breathing new life into the iconic aircraft. The American Champion 7EC Champ retained the original features that made it a favorite among aviators while incorporating modern enhancements.

Exquisite Design and Features: The 2008 American Champion 7EC Champ embodies exquisite attention to detail, making it a true standout in the sky. Its flawless, glistening paint, reminiscent of its glory days, sparkles like new and guarantees to attract attention on any ramp or fly-in event. Let’s explore the remarkable features that make this aircraft truly exceptional:

N198AC Avionics Upgrade

Equipped with state-of-the-art avionics, the 7EC Champ ensures a safe and efficient flying experience. The Garmin Area 500 GPS provides precise navigation, while the Auvonix ADSB In and Skybeacon ADSB Out systems offer enhanced situational awareness and compliance with airspace requirements. Safety features include the EC 200 ELT, ensuring peace of mind during your flights. The PS Electronics PM 3000 audio panel, Garmin SL 40 radio, and Garmin GTX 327 transponder facilitate clear communication with air traffic control. The aircraft also features an array of Electronics International instruments, including a digital volt meter, fuel flow and totalizer, and oil temperature and pressure gauges. Classic steam gauge instruments for horizon, airspeed, altitude, RPM, and clock provide essential flight data. A convenient Ram Mount and iPad Mini complete the avionics package, offering versatile navigation and entertainment options.

Performance for golden hour adventures

Performance: The heart of the 7EC Champ lies in its Continental O200A engine, delivering 100 horsepower and boasting 580 hours since new (SNEW). With all compressions in the 70s and 80s, this engine ensures reliable performance throughout your flights. The Sure Fly Electronic magnetos provide dependable ignition, adding an extra layer of reliability. The Sensenich W69 EK-48 propeller, with 580 hours SNEW, showcases a striking gloss black finish with vivid red tips, complementing the aircraft’s timeless appeal.

N198AC the 7EC Features

Additional Features: Designed for the adventurous pilot, the 7EC Champ comes equipped with a range of additional features. The 31-inch Alaskan Bushwheels and T7 Alaska Airframes suspension tailwheel allow for confident landings on diverse terrain. VGs on the wing and tail surface enhance aerodynamic performance, while the LED landing light illuminates your path during night flights. The 12-volt panel power ensures convenient charging of electronic devices, while the meticulously detailed engine compartment and engine paint exemplify the care and maintenance lavished upon this aircraft.

Up for Auction – Bid to Win

The allure of the 2008 American Champion 7EC Champ is undeniable. N198AC can be yours if you place the winning bid. This affordable and meticulously cared-for aircraft is not just a machine; it’s an invitation to embark on unforgettable aviation adventures. Whether you’re dreaming of skimming across the skies during the golden hour or exploring remote destinations, the Champ EC7 is ready to fulfill your aviation aspirations.

To truly experience the thrill of owning this remarkable aircraft, take the next step and request more information. Register to bid at, where you’ll find all the details you need to make an informed decision about acquiring this exceptional airplane. Remember, this Champ EC7 is the newest model on the market, boasting impeccable attention to detail and modern avionics that will elevate your flying experience.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be the center of attention on any ramp or fly-in, as the proud owner of the 2008 American Champion 7EC Champ. Fulfill your aviation dreams and embark on your own aviation adventure with this timeless aircraft. Register to bid now and let the sky become your playground!

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