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Aviation Memorabilia Auction at Airventure: No Sellers Fees for AirSpace Clients

AirSpace and Aeroverse are excited to announce an auction event that will allow all aviation enthusiasts and historians to engage. A buyer will not need wings to appreciate the memorabilia auction that will run during Airventure at Oshkosh. Items for auction will be available for viewing starting July 22 at the Aeroverse and AirSpace booth near show center at Oshkosh. Friday July 26 will mark the close of the auctions.

The standard registration and bidding format we have all gotten comfortable with will apply to these non-aeronautical auctions.

There is a special offer being extended to AirSpace friends and clients. No sellers commission. Yes, if you own a piece of aviation memorabilia we will document, market and sell the item for no fee to you. Media will be filmed with Aeroverse the last week of May and first week of June. Contact us right away to submit your item.

These auctions will be advertised broadly and attract the attention of hundreds of thousands of visitors that attend Airventure. Aeroverse will create streaming content so bidders who cannot attend Airventure can learn about the items in the auction and bid confidently.

If you have a collectible or relic you have considered selling, this auction is a great opportunity to get the exposure and price your collectible deserves. To inquire about participation email us here.

Keep an eye on and to see the treasures that will join the auction during Airventure. Some possible entries include flags, coins, signed pictures of famous aviators, classic instruments, models and more

Collectors, what do you look for?

Share with us what you would like to see at the Airventure Auction.
Type of items
Price point

What Kind of Memorabilia Are Collectors Looking For?

The aviation community is invited to share their thoughts on what types of memorabilia they would like to see at the auction. Collectors are encouraged to voice their preferences, whether they are searching for specific items or simply looking for unique pieces that catch their eye. This feedback will help shape the auction, making it more tailored to the desires of potential buyers.

Budgeting for Collectibles: How Do Buyers Decide?

The auction also presents an opportunity to discuss how collectors assess their budgets. How do enthusiasts decide how much to spend on a particular item? Is there a strategy behind setting a budget, or is it more about the emotional value of the piece? Sharing insights and strategies can help our auction curators bring the most desirable items to the block for collectors to enjoy.

Engage with the Aviation Community

Aeroverse and AirSpace encourage everyone to join the conversation about aviation memorabilia. Collectors are invited to share their wish lists, budget tips, and stories of their favorite items. This engagement will help the auction curators bring more of what everyone wants to see to the forefront.

The aviation memorabilia auction at AirVenture promises to be a highlight of the event, offering collectors the chance to own unique pieces of aviation history. With no sellers fees for AirSpace clients and comprehensive marketing from Aeroverse and AirSpace, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

If you have something you have considered selling, this auction is a great opportunity to get the exposure and price your collectible deserves. To inquire about participation email us here.

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