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This week I attended the 2024 Women in Aviation Expo in Orlando. Growing up with scarce female role models in aviation, it was challenging to envision a future where I could navigate the skies of business and flight. Now, in my late forties, I’m witnessing a transformative era where women are not only matching strides with men but are also trailblazing unique paths in aviation. Representing just 4% of the industry, we are now opening doors, illuminating the myriad of opportunities in aviation that extend beyond the role of flight attendants—a noble profession, yet not the sole avenue for women passionate about the skies.

Jimmy’s World Takes Flight: Auctioning the “Silver Bullet” and “Cameron”

In other exhilarating news, Jimmy’s World announced the auction of two iconic aircraft: the chrome-polished Cessna 310 known as the “Silver Bullet” and the legendary Lancair 360, affectionately named “Cameron.” Jimmy, Where did that name come from? These aircraft, renowned for their impeccable construction and freshly reconditioned exteriors, are ready to find new hangars. Go binge on Jimmy’s YouTube channel to explore these flying marvels and then navigate to Airspace Auctions for comprehensive aircraft details, extensive photo galleries, and seamless bidder registration. Mark your calendars: the auctions commence on May 10 and conclude on May 18. Join Matt from In Plane View, Jimmy from Jimmy’s World, Charles from Aerovere and Dan from Taking Off will have an auction close, watch party streaming on Aeroverse.

Sun ‘n Fun 2024: Where Aviation Meets Community

The excitement continues at Sun ‘n Fun, where we’ll be stationed at Hangar C, booth 85. Drop by and mention this blog for a complimentary hat—available while supplies last! We’re eager to discuss the most streamlined methods for buying and selling aircraft, ensuring your aviation journey is as smooth as your flights.

In Plane View: A New Horizon in Aviation Storytelling

For those moments of respite, Aeroverse offers the perfect retreat with its new content including, “In Plane View.” Delve into comprehensive interviews exploring fascinating aircraft and their owners. The premiere episode, filmed in Oregon, features the exclusive Boeing YL-15 Scout, a WWII era masterpiece that clinched the Golden Wrench and Grand Champion titles at Airventure. Anticipate this rare gem’s auction debut at the end of May.

Innovating Aviation’s Financial and Insurance Landscape

In response to bidder feedback, we are excited to unveil a revolutionary approach to aviation finance and insurance soon. This innovation promises to redefine the industry, making aviation more accessible and secure for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Stay tuned and keep looking up, as the sky is not the limit but the beginning of our journey in the ever-evolving world of aviation!

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