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Title Searches: Securing your asset in an aircraft transaction

In the intricate world of aviation transactions, the critical step of conducting a thorough title search is often overlooked, yet it is essential for a turbulence-free ownership experience. The relatively minimal cost of a title search pales in comparison to the potential financial and legal headaches caused by an unreleased lien. Beyond protecting your new asset, a comprehensive title search is vital for maintaining your financial health. Furthermore, for aircraft destined for skies beyond the USA, a clean title is crucial for deregistration and export processes. Complicating matters further, the financial landscape’s volatility, with banks that hold liens on aircraft sometimes changing hands, consolidating, or ceasing operations, adds another layer of complexity to clearing titles. This situation underscores the importance of a thorough title search and access to the safeguarding role of title insurance.

Cloudy Skies: The Challenge of Title Blemishes

  • Unpaid Current Liens: These represent immediate financial claims against the aircraft, complicating the transfer of ownership.
  • Unpaid Old Liens: Historical debts can emerge unexpectedly as barriers to a clean title transfer.
  • Paid Liens with Paperwork Issues: Even once settled, liens can obscure a title due to paperwork error due to the stringent and ever changing requirements of FAA surrounding lien release formatting.
  • Banking Complications: The ever-changing banking landscape can lead to situations where the institutions holding outstanding liens have either changed hands, merged, or shuttered. This scenario can presents hurdles in obtaining lien releases, especially for old, unreleased liens or when there are clouds on the title due to improper lien release processes.

The Safe Harbor of Title Insurance with Airspace and AIC Title

Title insurance emerges as a beacon of security amidst the potential for title-related turmoil. It protects against hidden liens and complex legal challenges that might arise long after the purchase. AirSpace’s alliance with AIC Title ensures our clients can secure this essential protection at competitive rates, offering a layer of financial safety and peace of mind against the unpredictability of past title discrepancies.

Airspace’s Commitment: Clearing the Path to Ownership

Airspace is dedicated to ensuring that every aircraft transaction is as smooth and secure as possible, starting with a comprehensive title search and the resolution of any liens. Our promise includes:

  • In-depth Pre-Sale Investigations: AIC Title performs an extensive search for any potential title issues, from current and old liens to banking complexities, ensuring full transparency and security for our buyers.
  • Current Lien Releases: AIC Titles team guarantees release of current liens that are on record with the FAA at the time of purchase.
  • Aging Lien Releases: AIC Title offers additional services of pursuing clearance of old liens. This is also a function that the staff at AirSpace can offer the new owner supportive assistance in researching and resolving.
  • Guaranteed Secure Titles: Our proactive approach and partnership with AIC Title offers the security of access to Title Insurance in all aircraft transacitons. This. This product offers absolute security against any possible historical liens and outstanding tax liabilities that may exist and are possibly not yet recorded with the FAA.

In essence, the journey toward aircraft ownership carries potential challenges that demand careful navigation, rest assured the Cockpit Concierge Agents at AirSpace are here to support its clients through these processes. The foundational practices of conducting a detailed title search and access to secure title insurance at competative rates are indispensable for protecting your investment and ensuring your financial well-being. With Airspace, you gain an experienced ally committed to securing a clear title for your aircraft, empowering you to soar into the skies with confidence and security. Let us guide you through a seamless transaction process that ensures your aviation aspirations are fully realized, unhampered by the shadows of the past.

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