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When Is Traffic a Good Thing?

When your aircraft is coming up for auction.

When your aircraft is coming up for auction. Generating traffic isn’t just about avoiding others in the sky; it’s also about attracting a swarm of potential buyers to our online auctions. With an extensive marketing program applied to each and every auction, the ability to have a hassle-free sale has soared to new heights, thanks in part to broad-reaching marketing campaigns. These campaigns are carefully designed to ensure that when you’re ready to sell, the right buyers—those ready and eager for your aircraft—are there at the right time. Here’s how we make traffic work for you in online aircraft auctions.

Crafting the Flight Path with Broad-Reaching Marketing

To sell an aircraft with heightened efficiency, it’s crucial to cast a wide net. Our marketing campaigns leverage a variety of digital channels, from social media to targeted email blasts, ensuring that news of your aircraft auction reaches far and wide. By employing SEO strategies, multiple listing platforms and harnessing the power of social media with customer centric service ensures bidders are aware of the auction and have the support they need to research and bid confidently. 

peppered with key terms like “sell airplane,” “aircraft auction,” and “buy airplane cheap,” we guarantee that our listings fly high on search engine results, capturing the attention of interested buyers across the globe.

Transparent Sale: The Clear Skies Policy

Transparency is the bedrock of trust in online aircraft sales. Our online auction platform prides itself on providing detailed aircraft data so buyers and learn about the aircraft at their convenience within the timeline the auction provides. High-resolution images, complete logbooks, ownership history, and the ability to view the aircraft in advance of bidding helps bidders have confidence that they have accurately assessed the value of the aircraft up for auction. This transparent sale process not only encourages more bids but also ensures that those bids reflect the true market value of the aircraft, fostering a fair and open auction environment.

Customer Service: Navigating You Through

Selling an aircraft can be a complex process, but our dedicated Cockpie Concierge Agets are here to guide you every step in the listing process. There is never a fee until the aircraft sells, typically in 60 days or less. We can come document the aircraft for you or you can self-document with our written guides and support. From the initial listing to the secure escrowed transaction with AIC Title, we’re committed to making this a trouble free process for both sellers and buyers. Our goal is to make selling your aircraft as effortless as taking off on a clear day.


In the realm of online aircraft auctions, traffic is indeed a good thing—a testament to the careful planning of our marketing campaigns and the quality of our platform. By focusing on attracting the right buyers, ensuring transparency, providing unparalleled customer service, and offering unique value-added opportunities, we create a marketplace where you can sell your aircraft quickly, at fair market value, and with complete confidence. Whether you’re looking to sell a Classic Champ or an Pilatus PC12, our online auction platform is your gateway to success in the digital age of aircraft sales.

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