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Since its inception, AirSpace Auctions

has averaged 1.5 aircraft auctions per week and expects to exceed 100 units per year in its first full year of operation. Their goal is to bring greater transparen- cy and efficiency to aircraft transactions. They con- stantly innovate new tools to meet that goal while customer servicing the heck out of every aviator in their path.

Marketing and Auction Process:

Reserve Price: A reserve price protects your asset and is based on market conditions

Sign Agreement: Digital Signture removes the need for printing and sending.

Data gathering and publishing to the website: Photos, videos and logbook data are gathered for pub- lishing and distribution.

Marketing Period:: Approximately four weeks. A combi- nation of paid placement, SEO, social media, and mailers attract attention of all potential bidders looking for your aircraft. We maintain contact with all inquiries through- out the process.

Bidder Inspection: Qualified and educated bidders are offered the opportunity to perform a visual inspection of your aircraft in person during the marketing and auction period. Only about 20% of the bidders use this option. We help coordinate visits at your convenience.

Auction Period: Typically seven days. All bidders are prequalified with a security depos- it and contract. At the end of the auction, the winning bidder must fund the purchase within 5 business days.

Completing the transaction:Title and escrow are handled through an impartial third-party escrow company, AIC Title and AIC Global. The sale proceeds are deposited into your bank on the same day as the aircraft closing.

Plane pickup: After all title, escrow, and funding are complete, the buyer will pick up the plane and logs from your airport, typically within two weeks.

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